Uzrox Construction Chemicals

Kingland X5 Concrete Additive

Technical Information :
•Increases early and final strength of concrete.
•Is a Superplasticizing concrete additive.
•Provides smooth surface and homogeneous concrete.
•Improves the mechanical properties such as creep and shrinkage of concrete by increasing impermeability.
•Gives rigidity to the concrete as C50 and higher.
•Provides outleting to the concrete in a very short time and allows the material to be removed from the mold in 8 hours.
•Provides a smooth surface formation.

Usage :
By reducing the rate of water used as %10-15 , 1.20 Kg concrete additive should be added to 100 Kg cement

Kingland X5 Mold Release Oil

Technical Information :
•It enables easy removal of concrete from the plastic mold.
•It provides a smooth surface and does not leave stains on the concrete.
•It extends the lifetime of the molds used, reducing mold cost and labor significantly.

Usage :
Add 5Lt water to 20Lt drum and mix.